Product SpotLight: 2852-LPS Area Leak Alarm


Following our white paper about capacitance, today we bring you one of our products: The 2852-LPS Area Leak Alarm. This is used for reliable monitoring of liquid leaks in containments and floor spaces. Over 40 years of capacitance experience stands behind the 2852-LPS leak alarm. The sensors continuously monitor for the accumulation of liquid in a normally dry condition.

Some of the added benefits of this product are:

• capacitance technology alarms on any liquid
• no moving parts
• remote alarm unit mounts safely away from monitoring area
• available for hazardous rated locations

The 2852-LPS sensor monitors the capacitance field between the sensor pad and the floor. A single push button calibration at the controller locks in on the capacitance field of all sensing pads. Any liquid that intrudes into the pad space will increase the capacitive field and initiate an alarm.

The 2852-LPS sensor pads can be placed in key locations and tight spaces, using up to 3 sensor pads can connect to one control unit. It has an adjustable time delay and sensitivity to eliminate nuisance alarms. The 2852-LPS also has sensors available specifically designed to be Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations. Arjay Engineering uses a high grade epoxy and PVC wetted parts which allow for the sensors to be in corrosive environments. Arjay Engineering’s capacitance technology responds to all types of liquids.

For more information:
2852-LPS webpage
2852-LPS Brochure
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