Arjay Engineering: What’s Happening

Can you believe that it’s already February? Seems like we’re still trying to brush off the holiday festivities, and we’re already well into the new year.

Speaking of new years, Happy Chinese New Year! This past Friday, January 31, was Chinese New Year, and we’re ringing in the Year of the Horse. I hope that this year brings everyone luck in all parts of their lives.

A slight recap of what’s happened in the past month:

  • Greg’s been travelling again! This month he was back in Colombia, this time doing training seminars for our clients.
  • We’ve updated our price lists for the new year.
  • We had another renovation occur, this time our lunch room got the make-over.

We are also pleased to announce that one of the employees that we hired on part-time in December has now been hired on full-time! Congratulations, Kelly!

Here’s a look at some of the exciting things that are happening this month:

  • A delicious lunch-and-learn, where we’ll be learning the differences between RRSP’s and TFSA’s.
  • Our service departments will be getting a software makeover as well, as we’re incorporating a service package to make things run smoother
  • February 17 is Family Day! That means that our office will be closed, and normal hours resume on the 18th.
  • This is the month for customer training for our products, with 3 training sessions planned. One being in Saudi Arabia!

Interested in what’s here? Connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, or leave us a comment here!


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