Highlights of December 2013

In the past month, things have been rather quiet. We had a couple of holiday parties, and at the company pot luck we congratulated some milestones for our employees. At Arjay Engineering, and our sister company Can-Am Instruments, our milestones are at the 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 etc year marks.

Some of the food from our Potluck

Some of the food from our Potluck

This year, we had two employees make the 5 year mark, two employees at the 10 year mark, one employee at the 15 year mark, and two employees at the 25 year mark! Congratulations, everyone!

We take it as a huge compliment that our employees choose to stay with us for as long as they do. We’ve definitely undergone some huge changes this year, starting with a renovation of the upstairs offices and still continuing with our software upgrades happening in the next few weeks. We have also welcomed two new faces to our team, and are looking forward to celebrating their milestones!

As we ring in this New Year, we are setting goals for ourselves and the company, as well as hopefully being able to implement the changes that are on the horizon with little stress and confusion.

As always, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more recent updates.


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